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Exciting new year ahead! Working with Microsoft, we came up with an app to store your documents, pictures, etc. They cannot be lost and are always recoverable. Please check it out to see if it is something to help you keep your records safe....

We are excited about our app, however we are still here teaching you how to reseach in courthouses and landoffices, so please visit our pages, our site is free, always has been.. No ads, just a place to learn something new.

You can always find people in Texas to make you feel at home.

Take a quick tour of our app "My Life Story" (Pictures, video, text, or audio.) The most convenient way to save your items to share with others.

On my Honor, I will do my best. To do my duty to God and my country and obey the SCOUT Law; To help people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, and morally straight.

Children to adults, Texas has everything for you to enjoy your life, live it to the fullest, and make memories to share.

My Life Story

App by Microsoft..

One dream for all researchers would be to find someone with all of their information together. Big dream, right? So, WHY can't we start now, trying to get people to do this. We have put together an app to do just that. It's called My Life Story. It's very easy to use, and it can hold your story, your information, your life and your dreams and wishes. But most of all, you're leaving a part of you for your loved ones to cherish. Plus, in the years to come, your family descendants can also hear your thoughts and see you, which all of us wish we could hear our ancestors speak again. We need to start now and think about our descendants and loved ones. Let's leave them messages. Just as you research now for people of your past. Just think what it would mean to them to find you. Please stop by our store to check it out today!

My Life Story
  • Windows based app

    Designed to work on Microsoft Windows PCs. The app has the ability to record video, audio, text and pictures. If you do not have a cam or microphone on your deskto computer, you can use your smart phones, tablets and so on. Then, when you have a moment, upload the information into the app and start your own story about your life.

  • New and Modern approach

    Never worry about a computer failure and losing your stories or items. If you have a Microsoft free account to the cloud, you receive 5 GB free to store your information. So your items are stored there and in your computer. If your app gets lost to a computer crash or error, just return to the store page and download the app again (free) and all your items will be loaded back in. (Pretty cool, yes?)

  • Record on any device!

    Capture your moments whenever you can, on anything you have, tablets, phones, recorders etc. Just made a folder on your computer and load everything there for easy access, Then, upload it into the app for safe keeping. Gather together what you want known about you and what you want to pass down to loved ones.

Copyright 2017 "My Life Story"


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