My Life Story, app

created by CACL

Please watch our video!


Watching a video with a happy ending is great, isn't it?

However, sometimes there is not a happy ending. Sometimes, we are heart broken. Sometimes, we have lost someone and you just wish you could have them back or talk with them again.

Example: True story. My mom passed away as I was creating this app, (I do so wish I had finished it before she passed). She could have recorded her stories, the events in her life as she remembered them. Now, her items are scattered and her stories are fading, even all the stories that I know I had heard 100 times. However, as time passes I've started to put items together with pictures and videos of her, which is good for the ones that will not know her as I did, she will have a record and she is part of my history.. What I do wish is, she would have recorded her stories or left me some messages that I could listen to. Maybe, a "pick me up" video for when I'm down, or a Happy Birthday wish. Things you miss when someone you love are not close any longer.

I can list all kinds of reasons why this app is needed. However, to the family members, genealogists and the researchers, this would be a blessing. To know someone you love took the time to leave you a message or two. Even leaving you their thoughts on issues and things they did. Retelling you stories that of things they lived though, or who their friends were. Precious little things like, where they lived or which schools and degrees they had or earned. The list could go on and on..

Just as genealogists search everywhere for pictures, documents and signatures (which has always a highlight for me.) If somehow we could start putting our important things together for the people in our lives future as well as the present. It would be such a blessing. I know it's hard to think of the future, but we never know when our last day is coming.

If you could work on this a little at a time, in no time you could have something that someone is going to cherish and it would mean the world to them.

Please give it a try and leave some loved ones a part of you, because you are who they will miss the most.